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Blackpool Swingers


Blackpool Swingers

You never know what might happen when you turn up at some of these back street swingers clubs, back in 2018 at the Infusion Swingers Club in Blackpool at the new years eve swingers ball a property developer became jealous when he spotted his lingerie clad wife helping another guy “put his sock on”. We’re not sure if “putting a sock on” is a euphemism for something but in any event it resulted in the accused head butting and punching the husband and leaving him needing hospital treatment. He was convicted of actual bodily harm.

Blackpool has a big swinging scene driven not only by it’s residents but by the tens of thousands of visitors that travel there each year on holiday or just to let their hair down. All those horny men and women on stag do’s and hen nights wanting to have one last fling makes Blackpool a really juicy spot to go swinging. With the sand, sea, booze and sex some people refer to it as “Paradise in Blackpool”. Now Blackpool Swingers, the town’s Premier Swinging Website will put you in Contact with Hundreds of Local Blackpool Swingers. Horny Couples, Women and Men from all areas of Blackpool including Squires Gate, Common Edge, Great Marton and Queenstown.